When George Christian Vogel moved to Madison from Iowa in 1875, he set up shop crafting wooden wagons and cabinets.  As wagons gave way to cars, he turned to building homes with his  two sons, George Jr. and Henry, joining him.  After George retired, the brothers incorporated in 1928.

George Jr. led the business for 40 years, and leadership of the company was passed to his cousin Ralph Vogel after his death in 1968.  George’s son, David, took over in 1969 after Ralph’s sudden passing.

The Vogel family core values of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, respect, and responsibility from the generations that precede us are taught by example and experience, and are evident in the buildings we create.  Our philosophy is rooted in a tradition of pride in excellence, quality, and service.

Our growth comes from our long-range planning.  We identify key goals and markets to pursue and then develop the skills and talents to successfully accomplish them.  Strong, steady growth while maintaining customer satisfaction are the cornerstone of Vogel Bros. success.

Vogel Bros. Building Co.