By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development

My dear friend Charlie was the best dressed man I ever met. He always wore a sport coat; no matter what the occasion. Charlie told me, “Looking professional makes me feel professional.” Ever since, I often wear a sport coat (weather permitting). Others think I look dressed up, but all I’ve done is put on a piece of clothing. I have dressy sport coats that I save for special occasions and then I have some old sport coats that I wear more frequently.

The other day I was wearing jeans with one of my old sport coats. A colleague complimented me on looking good. I was tempted to say “what, this old thing? It’s just a ratty old coat” but I thought otherwise. Instead, I graciously accepted her compliment. She said something nice about me and I wanted to acknowledge her kindness. Rebutting her compliment would have been insulting.

Too often I hear people downplay a compliment. To them it’s no big deal if they look nice or did a nice gesture for others. They think it is some measure of modesty to shun a compliment sent their way. But when we fail to accept a compliment, we are insulting the giver of the compliment. The giver went out of their way to say something nice. We should encourage people to say nice things – even if they are about us – to keep the positive energy flowing.

Compliments are great ways to bring down walls and make someone’s day. Say something nice to everyone you meet and you will be blessed in return. Be sure to smile, too. Smiles are contagious. And if they disrespect your compliment, say it again and tell them you really mean it. Maybe they will get the hint that you really do like something about them and they should like it too.