By Daniel Vogel, Safety Specialist

When we hear the words “back to school safety,” some of the safety concerns that come to mind are school buses, bicyclists and distracted drivers. But as the new school year approaches, parents across the country should be aware of another back to school safety concern: distracted walking.

The start of a new school year means an increase in foot traffic. Today’s technology has truly made distracted walking a stand-alone issue. According to a study by The Nielsen Company “kids ages 13 to 17 send more than 3,400 texts a month.” With this staggering statistic in mind, it is easy to see why children are among the most likely demographic to be struck by a vehicle.

Before the school year begins, make sure your children are aware of the hazards associated with distracted walking. The National Safety Council has put together a few reminders regarding safe walking practices for children with electronics in hand.

Vogel Bros. Building Co. wishes you all a safe and successful 2018-2019 school year!