By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

As summer winds down, the days get shorter, the shopping list gets longer and everyone has a one-track mind – get ready for school to start. Most people know the obvious preparations: get the kids back on an early-morning wake-up schedule, buy new clothes and shoes, make sure you purchase all the required school supplies, etc. But one thing that may not be so obvious is preparing you and your family to be safe when the kids head back to school. Does your child know safe steps to take when walking to school? Or safe practices for riding the school bus? And when you drive, do you know the proper procedures for sharing the road with school buses?

The National Safety Council has some great tips for sending your kids off to school safely. It provides helpful information for the whole family to check out! And while you’re at it, have your kids color this School Bus Safety Tips handout. You can hang it on the fridge where it’ll be a great reminder each morning of how to be safe as your child goes off to school.