By Mike Schultz, Director of Safety and HR

At Vogel Bros, our beliefs sit at the core of our organizational foundation. We believe that: People are the key to our success, All jobsite accidents are preventable, Our actions make a difference, and We are in charge of our attitudes. But how do we influence others to share these beliefs? How do we, ourselves, formulate our own beliefs and live out these beliefs? How can we be believed?

A good place to start is by being believable. I work at this every day. It takes effort and commitment. It’s also imperative that you know your “why.” Or, your “purpose.”

My purpose statement is: To have a positive impact on the lives of those I interact with every day. And, those I don’t.

It’s simple really. I have a deep desire to see people succeed, to be healthy, to be safe, and to be happy. This is the premise of the first sentence within my purpose. In the second sentence, I’m expressing my hope that my influence is carried forward through you, by you positively impacting those with whom you interact.

Having this purpose as my beacon gives me confidence in my daily decisions. It aligns with my personal beliefs and those of Vogel Bros. I hope sharing my purpose does in fact elevate my believability.

I read a quote a few months ago from Theodore Roosevelt that stuck with me. It energized me to share my purpose with you. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Everyone has beliefs but not everyone has their why. If you know your why, your how is possible. What is your why?