Vogel Bros. has cultivated a lean culture throughout the company’s 88 year history. One of the ways we have sustained this culture is through disclosing our correlation between what we say and what we do. Simply put, beliefs create results.

One of the many tools of Vogel Bros. Building Co.’s lean culture is the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. It starts by recognizing an opportunity and creating a plan (Plan). Next you test your plan by performing it (Do). Then you review the test, analyze the results and identify what you have learned (Check). Finally, take action based on what you have learned (Act). If it did not work, go through the cycle again. If it was successful, incorporate what you learned and plan new improvements. Of course achieving successful results is always desirable. But the true character of company can be best demonstrated in the lessons learned from the undesired results.

It happens to all of us. Sometimes the result we want is not the result we achieve. Most would call this a “problem.” But at Vogel Bros., we don’t define these undesired results as “problems.” That undesired result is simply the outcome of steps taken (that led us to a result we didn’t want). The gap between our desired result and the result we achieved is where the “problem” exists. At Vogel Bros. we won’t ask what we can do to change the results, instead we ask, “What caused these results to occur?” By changing our approach and investigating the root cause of the undesired result, we can find a solution to close the gap.

So what causes the result? Action. What we do. Our behaviors cause the result. But behavior is not the root cause. Behaviors are action based on our thoughts. Thinking motivates our behaviors that cause the results. But that’s still not the level of the root cause. Deeper than our thoughts is our beliefs. It is this collection of knowledge that directs our thinking, which motivates our behaviors, which causes the results. Thus, beliefs create results.

Vogel Bros. believes that people are the key to our success; that all jobsite accidents are preventable; that our actions make a difference; and that we are in charge of our attitudes. These beliefs direct our thinking, motivate our behavior and directly cause the desired results we’ve achieved throughout our history. By believing we can achieve the desired results, we direct our thinking and behavior to reach the desired result. Beliefs create results.