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Welcoming 2019…the Vogel Way

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By Peter Vogel, President & CEO How do you describe the collection of experiences you have with a company? That feeling you get when you hear or read their name; experience their culture; validate their reputation. What do you call that? We call it VOGELart. VOGELart is the sum of our Why, How and What. [...]

Not What You Expected

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development A few years back, on a cool misty summer morning, a good friend and I were preparing to play golf. The starter gave us the course conditions and wished us well on our adventure. My friend teed off first and hit a towering drive that sliced into the [...]

Revisiting Motivation and Movement

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development In a previous blog, I described how “here-and-now humility” (Schein, 2013) is a path for motivating others to do what you need done. Positive and negative KITA (Herzberg, 1987) do not create sustainable results. Through my experience, I learned that people have a need to understand why a [...]

Exciting News!

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Vogel Bros. Building Co. is pleased to announce the promotions of Matthew Schultz and Jay Thomsen to Vice Presidents of Vogel Bros. Building Co. Matt and Jay both began their careers at Vogel Bros. as interns while attending UW-Madison. They both have a wide range of experience, having worked in the roles of Project Engineer, [...]

Passion + Proficiency + Purpose = MOTIVATION

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development I have heard it said that “people are motivated when the pain of not doing something becomes greater than the pain to do it.” Seems like a negative way to look at motivation. Increasing “pain” may get a person to move, but it does not create sustainable results. [...]

Transaction Speed is Increasing: What do we do with the increased capacity?

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development In 1985 I saw my first facsimile machine in operation. The fax documents were sent over a phone line between two machines in different states. I was amazed. I immediately thought of several uses where we could increase our efficiency since we would no longer be confined to [...]