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Welcome to the Team!

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Vogel Bros. Building Co. extends a warm welcome to several new employees across our company. In our Lakeland, FL office, Paul Lacey has joined our team as a Project Manager and Tammy Doenges as a Field Administrative Assistant. In our Madison, WI office, new team members include: Frank Gorham as Project Manager, Nick Schuch as Estimator, [...]

Exciting News!

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Congratulations to Darren Vogel for his promotion to VP of Operations for our Lakeland, FL office, and also to John Weir for his promotion to Director of Field Operations in Florida. Darren was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida and represents the fifth generation of Vogel family members to provide leadership for the company. Darren [...]

Motivation or Movement?

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development Through my career I have witnessed and studied a multitude of employee motivation techniques. When I was an aspiring leader, my mentor told me that I couldn’t motivate anyone; however, I could create an environment where the person was motivated to do the work. Later, I discovered that [...]


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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development When I first started my civil engineering education in 1978, (I know I am dating myself) I had a required reading from a paper written in 1969 that contained the following story: Three workmen were cutting stone for a structure and gave different answers to an inquiry as [...]

Servant Leadership and Lean Construction: Long-Term Focus

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development My previous blogs reviewed respect for the worker and seeking the optimal state as common points to both Lean Construction and Servant Leadership. To cap off my discussion of the synergies between these philosophies is the concept of a long-term company focus. To truly serve the worker, the [...]

Servant Leadership and Lean Construction: Seeking the Optimal State

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By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development As I travel down the parallel paths of Lean Construction and Servant Leadership, I continue to find synergies between both approaches to leadership. The first synergy I discussed is the respect for the worker. The next synergy is seeking the optimal state. The optimal state begins by bringing [...]