By Hadleigh B., UW-Madison Student Intern

Reflecting on my experience this summer working with Vogel Bros. Building Co., I realized just how much I have learned. I have always thought of myself as more of a hands on learner. So when I’m in the lecture hall hurrying to take down notes, then go home and do the practice problems, and later take an exam; I’m really not learning, but rather memorizing a process. On the other hand, being on a jobsite, participating in job meetings, and helping make calls to subcontractors have shown me what it really is going to be like after my schooling is done.

Applying these skills I have learned from the various Project Managers in the office has proven that I have an understanding of what I have been taught. Using these skills each and every day only helps to strengthen my abilities. For example, at the beginning of my internship I was introduced to new software and had to ask a lot of questions. But now that I’m more comfortable with it, I first try to solve the problem. And once I figure it out, I realize just how much I have learned. Looking to solve a problem on my own has definitely been due to my education and learning in a classroom, but also from applying my learned skills in the field. I personally have found this experience to be greatly beneficial in supplementing my education. The opportunity to be immersed in the field while learning about it in a classroom is invaluable and has been very rewarding.