Vogel Bros. is proud to support Madison College’s Construction and Remodeling Program – a valuable program that teaches students the most current construction techniques, and from which graduates join apprenticeships to become our future workforce.
Over the last few years, Vogel Bros. has partnered with Madison College to have students job shadow our craft workers. On January 31, two students visited the Goodman Community Center – Brassworks Renovation job site. It was an excellent opportunity to provide these students with hands-on learning, first-hand tips and tricks from industry veterans, and for them to experience what a day-in-the-life of a construction worker can be like.
Mark Manning (Director of Manpower) and Chad Grauvogl (Superintendent on the Goodman Center project) shared their thoughts after their experience with the students.

How do you see construction internships/job shadowing playing a role in the future of construction?
The Madison College internship/job shadow program is a good way to expose potential new construction employees to commercial construction. It also allows us to see the new interns [and potential future employees] in a real work environment. (Mark)

What do you think are hurdles young construction workers face these days?
It is difficult for potential new construction workers to understand the effort needed to be a productive part of the construction team. Everyone must come to work ready to collectively work together to achieve the project goals. (Mark)
Making the right choice as to what career path to choose. There are a lot of directions kids that age can choose to go. To find what you’re looking for and want to do the rest of your life can be a challenge. It’s important they choose something they really want to do. (Chad)

With the job shadowing last week, how do you hope you impacted the future of these 2 students?
We stressed to them what a safe environment is and what kind of environment Vogel Bros. strives to create. We also explained that they can make a nice wage working in the construction trades. (Chad)

What do you think of the work Madison College is doing for future construction workers and the industry?
I think they are doing a great job introducing people to the construction industry. They are reaching out to area high schools to let young people know that construction careers are a good consideration for people not interested in going to college. (Mark)

What’s something you hope these students took away from last week’s experience?
Construction is a needed profession, one that you can be very proud to be part of. It is a career that you can begin at any time, right out of high school or after college. (Mark)
I hope they took away who Vogel Bros. is as a company – we’re better people = better builders – and we’re looking for positive workers to be on our job sites. Hopefully that’s something they value in their work environment as well. (Chad)

We know that many construction workers are expected to retire in the coming years, taking all of their experience/knowledge with them. As we look to the future and next generation, in your opinion what’s something that’s hard to teach new carpenters?
The older carpenters have collected information and different techniques for so many years and it takes that many years to acquire. Some situations you just can’t teach kids or prepare them for; they just have to experience it. (Chad)