By Daniel Vogel, Safety Specialist

As a learning organization, Vogel Bros. Building Co. embraces innovation as a means to improve our services. One way the Safety & HR Department helps sustain this learning environment and enhances our employees’ exposure to innovations within our industry, is by holding quarterly Safety Stand-Downs.

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event where we talk directly to employees about safety. They not only provide an opportunity for our staff to participate in safety discussions, but they also provide the perfect opportunity to showcase different safety related tools and equipment. Frequently we will invite key vendors to our stand-down events so they may educate our staff in safe working practices and provide a firsthand look at some of the advanced safety equipment that’s applicable to our line of work.

In July, Vogel Bros. participated in the NUCA Trench Safety Stand-Down. In Florida, we were fortunate enough to partner with United Rentals – Trench Safety for on-site shielding and shoring demonstrations. These demonstrations proved to be extremely valuable and educational, as United Rentals provided a variety of shielding and shoring options that are often overlooked, such as aluminum hydraulic vertical shoring.

As a result of United Rental’s involvement in our stand-down event, many of our crews have found a use for vertical shoring in their daily activities. Aluminum hydraulic vertical shores are quick to install, easy to use, and can fit into spaces that a conventional trench box may not. Alongside other systems, such as aluminum modular boxes, these shores enable our craft workers to maintain a safe environment within any trench or excavation regardless of the confines. This is a great example of the value and takeaways from participating in our quarterly safety stand-down programs.