Vogel Bros. Building Co. hosted a celebration at our new office on Saturday, March 17, 2018 that recognized milestone years-of-service for six employees and congratulated one employee on the announcement of his retirement.

Retirees joined office staff, craft workers and leadership at the event that served as a forum for both the annual employee recognition event as well as an open-house of the new building. After spending almost 40 years at the Packers Avenue location, the move to this new building (which was built by Vogel Bros.) was a joyous occasion that piqued the interest of retires and spouses of current employees alike. Attendees mingled and explored the new facility, admiring the content, configuration and decoration of the building that has been dubbed “Pete’s 14,000 square feet of love for his employees.”

The presentation portion of the evening included recognizing six employees who reached milestones with the company in 2017. Amanda Tetzlaff and Casey Ward were recognized for 5 years of service; Eric Ballweg, Jacob Korth and Roger Wagner were recognized for 10 years of service; and Al Boettcher was recognized for 20 years of service. Al was also applauded for this recent promotion to Director of Field Operations.

Attendees heard from Peter Vogel who shared highlights from the construction of the building and praised the hard work and positivity exhibited by the field crew who constructed the building. Peter made special mention of Randy Breunig who served as the Project Superintendent. Randy is a second-generation employee who will be retiring this May, and this new office was his last major project before his departure. It was with a bittersweet salute that Peter thanked Randy for his unwavering dedication, keen attention to detail and immeasurable diligence throughout his 40+ years of service.

Vogel Bros. isn’t just a company; it’s a family. And in true family style, attendees gathered around the buffet enjoying each other’s company, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. As the night progressed, good conversation lead to friendly competition on the shuffle board and bets were wagered while watching hoops. It was a successful evening that paid tribute to the employees and represented what Vogel Bros. means by “People are the Key to Our Success.”