By Mark Rounds, VP of Corporate Development

Even though many refer to construction as manufacturing because our work produces a product, in essence we are a service industry. Our work is serving our customers to deliver a custom product to meet their needs. At Vogel Bros., our mission is to “Continually improve our services in order to enhance the lives of the people in the communities we serve.” It is important that we produce a quality product for the customer. However, how we do it is just as important as what we do.

A core value of Vogel Bros. is ethical behavior. We perform our business honestly and openly. We keep our promises. We respect others’ opinions, and we show respect for their assets and treat them as our own.

The driving force behind ethics is effort. Every day we put forth our best effort to satisfy our clients. We put effort into our relationships as well as our work, because relationships can last a lifetime. Effort with ethics produces good results.

Vogel Bros. delivers with accountability: we are answerable for our actions. We have a fundamental belief that our actions make a difference, so we approach our efforts with honest and ethical behavior. We know the little things matter, so we pay strict attention to assure our work is performed the right way to realize the right results. This becomes evident when we complete many of our projects with little or no punch list items.

Accountability builds trust, and trust is the currency of our culture. It is through trusting relationships that we have enjoyed a successful business for 90 years.