By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

Vogel Bros. values being a safe, ethical and caring company. One way we achieve this is by promoting healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Working out and exercising is important to your physical, mental and emotional health, but can pose serious risks to novices, those coming out of a prolonged period of relative inactivity, and those who just aren’t in great shape. So here are some safety tips for beginners and restarters:

  1. Vary the types of exercises you do and target different areas/muscle groups from day to day. This helps prevent overuse injuries and provides more comprehensive, beneficial workouts over the course of the week.
  2. Remember that stretching before and after exercise has lots of benefits, including reducing the risk of injuries and soreness.
  3. Learn proper form and techniques for weight lifting, resistance training, and other strength-building exercises. The best option is to work with a professional trainer, or at least an experienced workout partner. It’s helpful to have someone observing you, offering live instruction, corrections, and spotting.
  4. Wear some sort of lights or reflective clothing or accessories when walking, jogging, biking, or doing other exercises outside in the early morning, at dusk, or at night. Remember, you should be visible to anyone coming from in front of you, the sides, or behind you.
  5. Pay attention to cues from your body. “No pain, no gain” may be a cliché mantra, and it’s good to push yourself, but if you’re actually in pain or feel dizzy or faint, something’s probably not right. Stop. Check in with your doctor for treatment advice and to ask if you might need medical attention.



This post was adapted from “15 Essential Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners” as posted on Littleton Concierge Medicine. Please follow link to read full article.