By Spencer K.

Previously, when I thought of the construction process, what came to mind was the architects, heavy equipment and tradesmen. Since beginning my internship with Vogel Bros. Building Co. last summer, I have had the opportunity to learn the many other aspects of the construction process.

Through this internship, I was exposed to the multitude of other highly skilled, and highly trained individuals who are involved in this industry. It’s much more than just tradesmen, Superintendents and Project Managers! And all the tasks they perform on a daily basis to the construction process run smoothly is impressive. From designing, estimating, pre-planning, client relations and marketing, to the actual construction of the building, scheduling, quality control, and safety management: there is no end to the amount of effort put toward this process by the many different groups of people.

The greatest take-away I have learned from my time at Vogel Bros. is that better people truly do equal better builders. This is the belief that is embodied in all those who work at Vogel Bros. Building Co. Construction is much more than just architects, heavy equipment and tradesmen. It’s working on all different types of projects with their unique sets of challenges and with all different types of people. It takes patience, hard work, a firm hand, extreme intelligence and kindness. So the better people we have working on a project, the smoother (or better) the process will run. This, in turn, makes us better builders.