Maly Roofing Co. Donates Green Roof Trays to Goodman Community Center

Maly Roofing Co. contacted Vogel Bros. Building Co. in September with news that they would like to donate green roofing trays to complete the Goodman Community Center’s splash pad equipment building. Vogel Bros. had constructed the splash pad in the summer of 2015, but Goodman Community Center’s budget at the time did not allow for the installation of the green roofing trays. This donation of approximately $2,500 worth of materials was a welcomed surprise for the Center.

“We wanted this green roof to help shelter the equipment building and provide an example of a roof garden for educational purposes,” Derek Kruzicki, Director of Facility Operations and Services at Goodman Community Center said. “We have a seed-to-table curriculum for teen, and this green roofing system provides an additional tool for teaching.”

Maly Roofing worked with Vogel Bros. last summer on the project and had installed the existing roof of the equipment building to accommodate the green roofing trays. Maly Roofing’s interest in donating the trays stems from their investment in their community. “We wanted to give back. Goodman Community Center helps children by giving them a place to play and learn,” Pam Keiner of Maly Roofing said of the donation.

Vogel Bros. Building Co. was proud to share the news with Goodman Community Center who used a team of staff and volunteers to put the trays on the roof. “We are already using the new roof as a learning medium for our teen education program,” Derek Kruzicki added. “It is one more example of places to grow things and demonstrates the advantages of growing on a roof.”