By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

As we finish up the month of May, think back on your activities over the past month. Maybe you embarked on a new gardening mission; devoting your time to tilling and planting a large garden full of flowers or vegetables. Maybe you made a long trip to visit family for Mother’s Day. Perhaps you took the kids (or grandkids) fishing opening weekend and helped them catch their first fish. Or perhaps you’re recovering from Memorial Day weekend festivities with friends and family. Whatever it is, you probably had a lot of fun and made some great memories!

But what if you were to reflect back on May’s activities from a safety perspective? Do you think you performed all of your activities safely?

Each year, the National Safety Council sponsors “June Safety Month” across the country. This campaign focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury and death at work, on the roads, and in our homes and communities.* So to kick off June Safety Month, let’s take a look at your May activities and consider the safety hazards that we often overlook.

  • Gardening: Did you wear protective equipment, like gloves and sturdy shoes? Did you use insect repellent to protect yourself against disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks? Did you read the warning labels on any tools, equipment or chemicals you used?
  • Travel: If you were driving, did you abstain from using electronic devices while driving (e.g. tablets, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.)? Did you slow down in construction zones and obey posted speed limits? If you traveled by plane, did you make sure you never left your luggage unattended?
  • Fishing: Did you wear protective eyewear, to protect your eyes from the sun or from branches when walking through brush? Did you use barbless hooks (as they’re far easier to remove if they snag someone)? Did you have a first aid kit with you, just in case someone got cut, stung or touched poison ivy or burning nettle?
  • Healthy Living: Did you eat right over the weekend? If not, you may want to consume special foods or supplements to restore your gut health (such as L-Glutamine, Fish Oil, Probiotics, and green foods like kale and spinach). Did you get enough sleep? You should try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

These are just some of the many safety concerns to consider in your everyday life. For more information on safety in your everyday life and to follow the National Safety Council’s full “June Safety Month” event, check out their website and free materials here.