By Andrew Decker, Project Manager

The Manatee Nitrogen Removal project includes over 3,250 lf of large diameter piping. Contract documents require survey points be taken of all fittings, valves, changes in elevation and existing utility crossings. It was discovered early that the project would require numerous more surveyor mobilizations (at $1,200 ea.) than originally anticipated because of the many modifications to pipe drawings and unforeseen existing utilities.

Over run the surveyors contract and absorb any overages for additional mobilizations.

Mark any locations required to be surveyed, back fill, move on and have surveyor take as built at a later date. This was attempted but there were so many markers that they were being run over, mixed up and mislabeled.

Purchase a GPS Rover and data collector, survey our own points and provide the points to the surveyor.

Ultimately, it was determined that the GPS Rover and data collector was the best decision. The initial cost for this equipment was $13,500 and the Nitrogen Removal project would have nearly paid for the equipment in the mobilizations that were saved. Vogel Bros. was able to provide Manatee County and the Engineer of Record more accurate data for all obstructions and in place piping. In addition to providing accurate as builts, Vogel Bros. was also able to prove that the existing structures were not where the drawings indicated they were and as a result change orders were created to capture the costs of additional fittings required for fit up.

By taking past experiences and applying it to a unique situation, Vogel Bros. was able to reduce the financial impact of additional mobilizations.