By Bruce Stenz, Project Engineer

One of the beliefs of Vogel Bros. Building Co. is “People are the key to our success.” But who are the “people” mentioned? Ask anyone at Vogel Bros., and they will tell you it’s everyone. We are experts in what we do, but we cannot do this alone. From the employees who help procure the work, to the customer who wants the work, to the craft workers who perform the work. All these types of people are instrumental in the success of Vogel Bros. Building Co.

This belief was exemplified on a recent water treatment facility project. We are installing a new above-ground 72” steel pipe in addition to modifications to the chemical supply lines, new sodium hypochlorite injectors and enclosures, demolishing existing equipment and vaults, landscaping and restoration of the parking lot. There are a lot of details to this project including modifying the existing buried PCCP pipe to function as a bypass.

Because people are the key to our success, we have assembled a skilled team to come up with a plan to make this project go smoothly. It is made up of Vogel Bros. project managers, superintendents, craft workers, and – most importantly – the staff of the treatment facility. We are experts in the field of construction, but the staff are experts on their facility. We need their expertise to plan how we will shut down the system to tie into the existing PCCP water pipe for the bypass.

We only have 10 days to make this happen, so working together is crucial. As a team, we went through all of the tasks that have to be done to accomplish this goal and developed a plan. We came up with daily work lists to make sure everything gets done. This project is a clear example of how people really are the key to our success. By having the right people in place we can “Make a Plan and Work the Plan” and make this project a success for all involved.