By Matt Nysse, Project Manger

Schedule Critical projects seem to have become the norm in today’s construction world; not the exception. Customers are asking for weeks – even months – to be cut from the schedule to provide them with a quicker ROI. So what can we do to account for and manage this expectation?

At Vogel Bros., we begin by providing customers with a thoroughly detailed schedule. For us, this schedule isn’t just a chart that outlines start and end times. We meticulously coordinate with trades, and continue to do so throughout the course of a project. This effort of keeping the schedule live throughout the project is done on intervals to align with the project goals and communicated to the customer weekly or bi-weekly.

The importance of keeping a schedule live throughout the project was evident on a recent project I was managing. Schedule adjustments required material adjustments and affected crew availability; all of which needed to be communicated to the project team. In this instance, the gantt chart could not provide enough detail. Our solution was a simple color-coded print with dates. This solution communicated the necessary information to the project team and met the demands of this schedule critical project.