By Peter Vogel, President & CEO

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Vogel Bros. Building Co. website. This launch provides a special opportunity to share the company’s beliefs, values, mission and vision. We have been working with staff over the past several months to confirm and articulate our beliefs and values. This effort included interviews with numerous employees from each of the functional areas of the company. The interviews revealed a high level of agreement on what Vogel Bros. employees hold as fundamental beliefs and values. It was reassuring to hear that our employees embrace the same beliefs and values that have been passed down for generations within the company. We would like to take this opportunity to share them with you:

Vogel Bros. Beliefs

  • People are the key to our success
  • All jobsite accidents are preventable
  • Our actions make a difference
  • We are in charge of our attitudes


Vogel Bros. Values

Vogel Bros. Building Co. is a safe, ethical, caring company that is invested in our customer’s success.

  • SAFE
    • Creating a healthy environment where employees can reach their full potential
    • Promoting healthy minds, bodies and spirits
    • Maintaining a place where everyone can speak openly and honestly
    • Conducting our business honestly with all stakeholders
    • Keeping our promises
    • Showing respect to others and their opinions
    • Acknowledging people are the key to our success
    • Treating our customer’s assets with utmost respect
    • Enhancing the lives of those in the community
    • Supporting our employees so they can provide for their families


As we confirmed our beliefs and values we also reviewed our mission statement (what we do) and our vision statement (where we are going). The goal is to keep our entire team focused and on the same page as we move forward in service to our customers.


Vogel Bros. Mission

Vogel Bros. Building Co.’s mission is to continually improve our services in order to enhance the lives of the people in the communities we serve.


Vogel Bros. Vision

Develop VOGELart to the point where we:

  • Become a lean enterprise from top to bottom
  • Continuously embrace innovation and offer creative solutions
  • Have a sustainable level of growth and resources
  • Are the employer of choice
  • Are our customer’s champion


We look forward to sharing examples with you in the coming months of our beliefs, values and mission in action as we work towards our vision for Vogel Bros. Building Co.