By Peter Vogel, President & CEO

Vogel Bros.’ tag line is “We build with values, solutions and accountability.” Solutions refers to the expertise and creativity we bring to our services, and accountability addresses the fact that we are responsible for our actions. Values, however, are those things that we consider to be important and guide us in our daily work. As part of the mission/vision initiative I introduced to you earlier this year, we also identified what our employees understand values to mean. I’d like to take this opportunity to share this definition with our customers so they understand how this affects them, and to help inform potential customers of the culture of Vogel Bros. Building Co.

Vogel Bros. Building Co. is a safe, ethical, caring company that is invested in our customer’s success.

Vogel Bros. values being a safe company. We don’t limit safety to physical jobsite safety, but expand that to include creating a healthy environment where employees can reach their full potential. This includes promoting healthy minds, bodies and spirits, and maintaining a place where everyone can speak openly and honestly.

We conduct our business honestly with all stakeholders, keep our promises, and show respect for others and their opinions. We understand that relationships and quality is more important than rapid growth, and our success is directly related to the people we work with and for.

Vogel Bros. is a caring company. We acknowledge that people are the key to our success. We treat our customer’s assets with the utmost respect. We support our employees so they can provide for their families, and we strive to enhance the lives of those in the community we serve.

It is one thing to say you’re a safe, ethical and caring company, and quite another to live out these values on a daily basis. Our employees openly share these values which is why you’ll find numerous blog articles discussing safety standards and practices, see testimonials from employees and customers, and read press releases of our community involvement. Rest assured for every public display of these values, there are numerous instances that don’t get acknowledged because it’s second nature to us. It’s just what we do: we build with values, solutions and accountability.