By Peter Vogel, President & CEO

The introduction of our new website back in May provided an opportunity to share Vogel Bros. Building Co.’s mission, vision, values and beliefs. In August, I shared a couple examples of our mission in action and shared information about our work with United Way of Dane County and the School Supplies for Kids program. Now, I would like to share with you a bit about Vogel Bros.’ Vision.

Develop VogelArt Logo to the point where we:
• become a lean enterprise from top to bottom
• continually embrace innovation and offer creative solutions
• have a sustainable level of growth and resources
• are the employer of choice
• are our customer’s champion.

Just as our mission statement defines “what we do,” our vision guides us to “where we are going.” VogelArt Logo is the term we have coined to describe the way we do business. It can be thought of as the “Vogel Way.” Vogel Bros. has always taken great pride in everything we do. We continue to create unique, positive experiences for our customer. We build with values, solutions, and accountability.

Vogel Bros.’ vision is built on the strong foundation of our beliefs and values. We believe that people are the key to our success. This belief comes to life as we work to improve VogelArt Logo through an ongoing investment in the development of our employees. We are committed to improving the lives of our employees not only at work but also in their personal lives. We know that Better People = Better Builders.

We use fundamental Lean tools to support continuous improvement in all aspects of our services. These Lean tools help in the creation of value through the elimination of waste. Even more important is the creation of a culture where all of our employees are empowered to make value-added decisions in service to our customers. This empowerment allows for input from, and change to, all service areas in the company. We increase value for our customers by listening in order to understand their goals. By making our customers’ goals a priority, we are able to deliver outstanding performance and attain the desired outcome with the least amount of waste.

Vogel Bros.’ employees give so much to our customers, company and community. We invest in our employees so they can realize their full potential both personally and professionally. This supports our mission “to continually improve our services in order to enhance the lives of the people in the communities we serve.” The journey toward our vision will be a long, never ending trip that will constantly challenge the status quo. We must keep our minds open and seek new knowledge in everything that we do. I am excited to be on this journey with the entire Vogel Bros. team including our employees, customers, vendors and the members of our community.