Project Description

The BTU project was sought after by Manatee County in an effort to remove additional organics from the water supply of Lake Manatee. Additionally the organic removal increased the clarity of the water and removed unpleasant odors.

The project consisted of the construction of a 49’ tall, four level concrete structure to house six (6) 760 SF biological filters complete with all required filter equipment and complex process piping. Along with all associated site piping. Construction of the system to include, but not limited to: concrete foundation, concrete structure, concrete filter tanks, plumbing, HVAC system, electrical systems and gear, electrical room, storage room, hollow core concrete roofing system, aluminum roof drainage and gutter system, and all other equipment needed for a complete, tested, and fully operational system. Construction of an approximately 2 mile of-site 8” force main. Project also included construction of two (2) equalization tanks complete with all associated equipment.