Project Description

Located in the Hilldale Mall vicinity, and owned by WS Development, the existing BMO Harris Bank that occupied this corner was a small, driveup only branch that provided limited services for BMO’s customers. In addition to being limited as far as services, the facility itself was in desperate need of repair. One block away, BMO was also occupying an aging office facility. With two buildings in need of updates, WS Development turned to Vogel Bros.

To better serve their tenant, WS Development hired Vogel Bros. to demo the existing BMO driveup location. Vogel Bros. then build a new, larger office
and driveup branch, so that BMO could consolidate both locations into this new facility.

Vogel Bros. was hired by WS Development for the core and shell of the structure, but BMO and their interior buildout team had unique requirements that provided the opportunity for Vogel Bros. to serve them as well. When BMO needed to install a concrete bank vault inside the building, Vogel Bros. was able to leave out a section of the side of the building so BMO’s crew could come in and install it, while still maintaining our schedule for the landlord.