Project Description

Through a continued relationship with Boardman & Clark, as well as Urban Land Interests (who owns the building), Vogel Bros. was selected for the
renovation of Boardman & Clark’s two floors of the US Bank Building in the heart of downtown Madison.

As a result of a lease renegotiation and effort to reduce some of their overall square footage, Boardman & Clark vacated six offices and their old accounting
area on the 5th floor, which meant their existing space on the 4th floor needed to be reimagined.

Throughout the project, it was crucial for the law firm to remain operational. Vogel Bros. completed the 12,300 square renovation in a “super phased” manner that resulted in the project completed three months early. Updates included the lobby with a new reception desk, flooring, walls and graphics. From there, six conference rooms where updated. The existing library was greatly consolidated and moved into a smaller space. The area that was library then became a functional breakroom with new appliances and high end finishes. Finally, copy rooms were added when the accounting and IT storage areas were freshened.