Project Description

Over the course of 10 years, Vogel Bros. has performed numerous renovation and addition projects for the Columbus Community Hospital. Our first project consisted of the Emergency Room and Urgent Care addition. The ER/UC addition created an additional 14,000 square feet of space for an improved waiting area with children’s playroom, private exam rooms, trauma rooms, a decontamination area, and double-bay ambulance garage. Once the new ER/UC was operating effectively, Vogel Bros. renovated the old ER space into a new Imaging Room and Radiation Frequency suite.
With the success of completed projects and the expanding demographics of the community, Columbus Community Hospital hired Vogel Bros. to create a Master Plan for future expansion. Working with their architects, we completed a comprehensive study to phase the much needed improvements and allow for future expansions. Vogel Bros. continued to provide Construction Manager services throughout the phases of the project.
First, the hospital required a new entry drive-under canopy and interior renovations. 13,000 square feet was improved to reflect new HIPPA policies and improve spaces for mammography, ultrasound and nuclear sciences. All of the remodeling was completed in phases while the hospital remained occupied and fully operational.
Next phase consisted of the 4th floor addition (and relocation of the medical surgery unit and ICU) and continued interior renovations. The challenge with this project was that the new floor was essentially the existing roof, and the ICU and medical surgery units currently on the 3rd floor needed to remain occupied and operational during construction. It was critical that the facility remain waterproof and rigid infection control measures ensured patients’ health and safety were not compromised, all while maintaining access and functionality for staff.
Following the 4th floor addition, Vogel Bros. completed various renovations throughout the three lower floors. A new pharmacy was added, reconfigurations of the Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Center were completed, sprinkler and fire alarm coverage was expanded, and the vacated 3rd floor was completely renovated into a new Women’s and Child Birth Center. Additional building improvements included replacing windows and brick/masonry repairs were completed throughout the exterior.