Project Description

Endres Manufacturing Company is a AISC Certified steel manufacturing company, providing everything from structural steel to general contractors down to individual beams for home builders. They were in need of an addition to their manufacturing facility, and called upon their trusted building partner: Vogel Bros. Endres and Vogel Bros. share a long history of working together, as Endres has supplied our company’s structural steel for several years. Infact, Endres fabricated all their own steel for the addition.

The 13,000 square foot addition is a single story, single span structure for welding and fabrication of steel, with offices, a breakroom and bathrooms. Endres’ facility is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and the project site is bordered on two sides by the community’s high school. Vogel Bros. took measures to maintain the driveway and landscaping for the neighboring school, as well as ensured fencing and signage helped maintain the safety of those passing the work site on a daily basis.

Uniquely, Endres Manufacturing is home to a herd of goats. They are a part of the company’s culture and are cherished by the community. When the utilities installation interfered with their pasture, Vogel Bros. choose to directionally bore the utilities under the goat pasture, so that the goat’s environment wasn’t disturbed during the construction.