Project Description

Fairbanks Morse is a power system manufacturer and has been powering the United States Navy and Coast Guard for over 70 years, delivering industry leading engine systems for Lockheed Martin. When a new contract with the Navy would require the manufacturing of a larger engine (think…an engine the size of a boxcar!), FME needed a larger paint booth to paint the engine. With a contract to build 30+ engines over the 15 years, FME needed a larger space.

The pre-engineered metal building is 8,000 square feet and includes office and support spaces, a breakroom, mechanicals and a small auxiliary paint room. By far, it’s the main 2,500 square foot paint booth that’s the most impressive aspect: engines are literally brought in by railcar and painted within the new space. The scale of this paint booth and lift assembly is impressive. Similar to a giant erector set, the integration of all the pieces required a great deal of detailed coordination.

This paint booth is the first new building on FME’s campus in the past 20 years, and the feedback from the employees is that it has revolutionized their painting operations in a sense that they are more efficient, they have better access, and the environment is safer. FME is dedicated to delivering reliable power, and the addition of this building and paint booth has considerably increased their efficiency and reliability with their customers.