Project Description

Fairbanks Morse is a power system manufacturer, delivering industry leading engines for over 70 years to communities, businesses and our military. Their campus is sprinkled with “labs” to test the engines. Maybe not what you’d typically think of for a lab, but these test stands are exactly that: a diesel laboratory where a product is created and then tested; a proving ground for these high-stakes power systems. Two of their test stands were in need of upgrades to support their product. Test stand 2 is dedicated to generator set engines which are used worldwide at hospitals, universities, municipalities, and as backup power sources at US based nuclear plants. This test stand was completely gutted and rebuilt so that FME could test multiple types and larger engines than previously allowed on that test stand. Test stand 8, on the other hand, was a new test stand to replace TS 07 and is dedicated to the marine power systems used for military and commercial-class vessels.

Both test stand projects centered on bringing the facilities to a higher safety standard. For example the existing handrail was below current OSHA and FME safety standards, so it was replaced and brought to code. Vogel Bros. built platforms for the employees to use, in lieu of the ladders and scaffolding that were previously used. Other safety upgrades include renovating the control room where they monitor the test with their clients. After the renovation, the control rooms are now quiet enough (below 85 dB) that they occupants don’t need ear protection and can hold a conversation easily, even with a large engine running right outside.