Project Description

Group Health Cooperative (GHC) was in the process of planning a renovation of their Sauk Trails Clinic when a catastrophic rain occurred in the summer of 2018 that flooding the clinic’s basement and first floor. Damage required the clinic to close, and everything in the clinic’s basement had to be removed.
On the first floor, all flooring, cabinets, drywall, trim, and doors needed replacement.

This project was completed in three phases, first to get the clinic back up and operational, but then we also needed to prevent future damage for additional flooding, and then satisfy their need for additional space.

The patient waiting area was enlarged with natural light brought in through large skylights over the seating area. Neither the lab nor x-ray suite wanted windows, but were two areas that were the most street-facing part of the building, so spandrel glass (faux windows) were incorporated so the building would still have street appeal and blend in with the existing building.