Project Description

The project comprised of demolition of the entire existing 60 MGD master pump station and all mechanical equipment including four vertical suction pumps from 100 HP to 400 HP and all associated piping and valves. Vogel Bros. then installed four 400 HP pumps and immersible motors, discharge and suction valves, piping, concrete pedestal supports, air compressors; and installed four 480V variable frequency drives, pump controls, annunciator panel, motor control center, electrical switchgear, concrete duct bank system, conduits, wiring, and other electrical equipment needed to convert the pump station from 4160V service to 480V service with a new ventilation system.

The contract included furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment to install a new 36” magnetic flowmeter outside the station. During the entire duration of the project, the pump station was placed on temporary bypass. The bypass pumped from several manholes and junction chambers to a 54” x 36” hot tap performed as part of the project.