Project Description

This project consists of the following:

Headworks: replacement of existing screenings belt press with a new screw conveyor, addition of a washer/compactor, addition of new boosted washwater pumps, replacement of the existing odor control system with a new chemical scrubber, repairs to one existing slide gate, and addition of two new slide gates.

Anoxic and Aeration Basins: replacement of eight anoxic mixers, installation of twelve new motorized valve operators, and replacement of all DO and ORP sensors & transmitters.

Anoxic and Mixed Liquor Splitter Boxes: installation of 14 new slide gates.

Clarifiers: replaced two drive units and grout slope floor toppings.

Grease and Septage Facility: replaced four 20,000 gal FRP storage tanks and associated piping, replacing the hot water system, installation of a new trench drain system, replacement of the existing ventilation system, and replacement of one grease drum.

High Service Pump Station: included replacement of five existing 30” underground BFVs with new RWGVs.

Also and finally, there were extensive electrical/I&C modifications associated with all of the above as well as extensive power distribution modifications required for other unrelated plant systems.