Project Description

St. Thomas Aquinas found themselves in need of a new contractor to perform some much needed upgrades to their church. Leveraging several decades of theological facility construction, Vogel Bros. quickly answered their call.

The interior renovation focused on four main areas. In the choir area, the organ platform had large columns underneath it that blocked much of the choir seating and made for a secluded choir. Vogel Bros. removed the columns while maintaining support for the organ pipes. In the main gathering space, a projection screen mounted to a new beam was added. This has allowed for greater flexibility in usage of the space, and is used several times throughout the week. New confessionals were created in a more accessible location. Previously the church only had one, and it lacked ADA compliance. The new confessionals have increased availability and now provide handicap access. Lastly, the sacristy was updated. Among the aesthetic updates, a private bathroom was added.