Project Description

Stratatech has been a long-term partner of Vogel Bros. and rents a building in the University Research Park where they manufacture an investigational regenerative skin tissue called StrataGraft. The 2016 acquisition of Stratatech by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and a designation by the FDA which fast tracked their StrataGraft product, contributed greatly to the necessity of an expanded space for their operations and manufacturing. As Stratatech’s trusted construction partner, and through an ongoing relationship with the University Research Park, Vogel Bros. was honored to be selected as their building partner.

The 35,000 sf facility has equipped Stratatech with a fully sterile environment for manufacturing with controlled temperature, humidity and constant carbon dioxide levels. It also features a warehouse; quality control labs with biosafety cabinets, incubators and freezers; and a combination of closed and open-concept offices with flexible workspaces.

This expansion has helped support the pivotal Phase 3 trial and represents an important milestone in the development of this investigational therapy hoping to bring patients with sever burns a paradigm-changing treatment.


*Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of this project, photo shown here is a purchased stock photo and is not intended to be representative of Stratatch or Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals