Project Description

As the South County Jail increased in size the potable and wastewater demand for the facility increased as well. The new demand required several improvement projects including a new forcemain leaving the jail to the near by Sun Ray Wastewater Treatment Plant, increased production and storage at the South County Jail Water Plant, and an upgrade at the Sunray Wastewater Plant. All of these activities needed to be completed by the time the jail project was completed. Polk County Utilities decided to best keep schedule and coordinate all of the work the five individual projects were combined into one CMAR project with five separate phased GMPs.
Phase 1 – new .6 MGD new influent pump station and a new backup power generator for the entire plant
Phase 2 – new .6 MGD package ring plant and effluent pumps
Phase 3 – new RIB spray field and mitigation near by land to protect displaced native wildlife
Phase 4 – five miles of an 8” forcemain from the South County Jail to the Sunray Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Phase 5 – new supply well, ground storage tank and a CO2 injection system that increased the capacity of the water plant to 1 MGD.