Project Description

UAS Laboratories celebrated a significant milestone with the building of their fermentation plant. This manufacturing facility is their second location of business, and supports their commitment to continuous growth and ongoing leadership within the probiotic marketplace. Now with two facilities dedicated solely to fermentation and production of probiotics, UAS Labs can control quality and value throughout the supply chain.

A team of probiotic experts aided in designing the new facility. Wanted to get to market quicker, they choose to renovate an existing, vacant warehouse facility, and repurposed it to their cutting-edge facility with industry-leading equipment. Every detail of the plant was strategically designed to raise the standards for probiotic manufacturing.

The footprint of the building was 65,000 square feet, with a 50’ building height. Vogel Bros. built an entire second floor inside, increasing their square footage to 100,000 square feet. The manufacturing space has ISO 7 cleanroom space, and is built to FDA standards, should probiotics be regulated in the future. Additional features of the facility include epoxy flooring, specialized cleanroom wall system, two large -20°C walk-in storage freezers, and a special waste collection system with stainless steel welded piping to collect all their waste so it can be tested for safety before its release into the City’s waste management system. Every detail of the facility was constructed for cleanability, ensuring product quality and purity at every step.