Project Description

After spending 40 years at our former location, growth over the years created the need for expansion and a modern, state-of-the-art facility, designed
with a focus on simplicity and clean lines both externally and internally. The building is sited to take advantage of the natural beauty of the site. The interior layout maximizes the use of natural light, with all assigned work spaces having exterior views. Building a collaborative environment that
supports our culture and enhances employee productivity were central to the design. The fresh, contemporary design pays tribute to the company’s roots but also embraces new technologies and innovation. Neutral finishes pops of color, custom wall coverings and branded signage create a fresh work environment. Collaborative open-office workspaces, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and flexible breakout spaces allow for spontaneous collaboration. A Family Café replaces the standard breakroom space and a Learning Lab replaces the typical training room in this new facility. Meanwhile the workout room, showers, and archival storage solutions are a welcome addition to the new space.

“This new space allows us to improve our services, embrace new technologies and offer innovative solutions to our customers,” said Pete Vogel. “It rewards our hard-working, dedicated employees, and it’ll attract the type of talent who share the same values and beliefs we hold dear.”