Project Description

The former library was restrained by its small size and lack of available parking for it’s current volume of patrons, but plans for a new library had been on hold for over 10 years while other Village priorities took precedence. Thanks to donations from members of the Waunakee community, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, over $1.5 million supplemented the Village’s investment and gave patrons the library they deserve.

The new 40,000 square foot public library occupies a brownfiled site adjacent to the Village’s Main Street District. The community wanted to promote active transportation and improve connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists, so a multi-use trail and pedestrian bridge are incorporated into the side design and connects via bike trails to the Waunakee Village Center, Senior Center, and other bike trails in the area. Brownfield site challenges included soil
contamination, high groundwater, multiple permitting agencies, and a mapped environmental corridor.

The two story library includes exterior plazas that capitalize on views of the nearby creek, tree line and downtown. It is an open, flexible design that contains an abundance of community space, collaborative areas, maker space, and meeting rooms. Should the need arise, the site design allows for future building expansion as well.