Project Description

Pasco County BOCC selected Vogel Bros. to expand the Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility from 6.0 million gallons per day (mgd) average annual daily flow (AADF) to 9.0 mgd AADF.
The project included constructing a new headworks structure consisting of a new cast-in-place concrete structure with two new coarse mechanically rake cleaned screens with compactors, one new manual cleaned bar screen, two new fine mechanically cleaned perforated plate screens with compactors, two new grit collection units with two new grit classifiers and two new grit pumps, walkway bridge, and new slide gates. Rehabilitation of all biological basins including draining, removing debris, cleaning, coating removal, concrete repair, installation of new fine bubble diffusers, piping, valves, modifications to the internal concrete walls, and new submersible mixers.
Construction of a new blower building and installation of blowers and associated air piping to supply air to the biological basins. Construction of two new chlorine contact tanks consisting of cast-in-place concrete, piping, valves, slide gates, vertical transfer pumps. Demolition and removal of existing internal recycle pump systems. Construction of two new dry pit pump systems including 5 pumps at each station.