Project Description

Zendesk moved into Madison in 2013 with just five employees. By 2018, they had expanded their ranks to nearly 300 employees, and simply outgrew their space. With expectation of expanding by more than 100 additional employees over the next several years, Zendesk moved their operations to three floors of the 25 W. Main building located on the Square.

The whole space was designed to give back to the employee. The multi-floor renovation produced a modern, industrial chic work environment with
neutral finishes, contrasting materials and branded applications. The open floor plan was designed to optimize views of downtown and is a blend of closed meeting spaces, open collaborative areas and enclaves, and public and private work spaces, strategically placed to encourage collaboration or offer retreat. Ancillary spaces were designed to give employees a choice in where they work throughout the day, thereby increasing autonomy and feelings of well-being in the office. Soft seating nooks, one sided booths, and quiet rooms, are examples of “privacy destinations” at Zendesk. The floor plan also offers several options for structured and spontaneous collaboration: closed meeting spaces for 2-4 people, open collaborative areas with flexible/ responsive furniture, and enclaves strategically scattered throughout the area to encourage diversity in the workday environment and connect people. Each space is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual systems, wireless and wired technology capabilities, and flexible lighting to create a fairly sophisticated electronics system throughout the space.