Project Description

Since first establishing a presence in Madison with five people in 2013, Zendesk has only continued to grow. Less than an year after their first project that included 3 floors in a newly renovated building in the heart of Madison’s downtown, they were in need of more space.

Acquiring another floor in the building, Zendesk again teamed with Gensler and Vogel Bros. to bring to life the essential attributes of their company culture. True to Zendesk’s Scandinavian heritage, the team used the softness of raw, honest materials (wood, concrete, felt, and leather) in contrast with clean architectural forms.

Similar to the other 3 floors, entry to the space from the elevator provides a “town-square” feeling with a large central gathering place that anchors the corner of the building and creates a central hub for shared amenities: Micro Kitchens, All Hands, Co-Working Lounges, Training Rooms, and a Library. Balancing these amenity spaces, varied work areas offer Zendesk’s employees and visitors the additional settings they need to focus, collaborate, and build relationships. The sum of the eco-system is an environment that supports choice and caters to a multitude of work styles.