Madison College Early Learning Center

A building on Madison College’s campus that had been in use and leased by the Penske Truck Leasing Company became available, and Madison College used it as an opportunity to expand their child care services. Previously, they could only care for up to 30 children and cannot serve infants and toddlers. The new building, with [...]

Illuminating a Path


The Waunakee Area Public Arts Committee’s goal is to expand creative initiatives in Waunakee and fund public artwork around the community. They were looking for a public art piece to celebrate Waunakee’s excellence in education and create a lasting legacy for students, alumni, teachers, faculty, staff, parents and all those involved in the community. After a national wide search [...]

Deerfield High School / Middle School


Vogel Bros. Building Co. has partnered with the Deerfield Community School District Middle/High School for several renovations and addition since 2010. Our first project was an interior office renovation of approximately 2,225 square feet that was completed in eight weeks. The revised office space included a new reception area, offices, health room, work room, guidance reception, and two new conference [...]

Sandburg Elementary School

Madison Metropolitan School District passed a $41 million referendum in 2015 to upgrade and expand 16 schools in the district. Sandburg Elementary School, located on Madison’s Eastside, has a growing student body that had exceeded the size for which the school was built. With attractive and innovative programs like dual-language immersion and 4K, the school [...]

Crystal Lake Middle School

Vogel Bros. was selected as the construction manager for the renovations to the existing middle school. Renovations included adding an elevator, providing various site improvements and exterior updates.

Cambridge High School


The Cambridge High School renovation project began during the final month of the school year, with the majority of the renovation taking place once school was complete during the summer. Vogel Bros. renovated the student restrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, computer lab, library, student corridor, offices, and locker rooms. The HVAC and electrical systems throughout the existing [...]

Socrum Elementary School

Socrum Elementary School is a rural school built in 1991 that was in need of some renovation work. Vogel Bros. replaced the chiller and associated mechanical equipment, including the fan coil unit and air handling unit, and ductwork. The above ground chilled water pipe was replaced and we installed a new direct digital control system. [...]

Monona Grove District Office

The Monona Grove School District Office was in need of interior renovations to all three floors of their registered historic building in which they operate. This project was a phased occupied construction project, in that the building remained occupied through the construction. This building is also attached to the Monona alternative school, which was in [...]

Glacier Edge Elementary School


The Glacier Edge Elementary school was a new building designed to house grades K-5 for the Verona School District. The brick for the façade was donated by a local business, and the structure incorporates green building practices utilizing a geothermal heating and cooling system, special daylighting and sun shades for cooling. There are 20 primary [...]

Memorial Middle School

During summer break, Vogel Bros. performed renovations to Memorial Middle School that included extensive brick restoration, stucco replacement, and painting. Landscaping services were also supplied and included tree removal. It was critical that all repairs were performed before school was back in session that fall.

Glacial Drumlin Middle School


The Monona Grove School District spent years of study, planning and analyzing different grade configurations for this two-community school district. The result is Glacial Drumlin Middle School, a grade 5 – 8 campus that accommodates 850 students. The school is unique in that the students in fifth and sixth grade are Cottage Grove residents and [...]

Velasco Student Services Center

Vogel Bros. provided construction management services to the Velasco Student Services Center for their air conditioning system replacement. We provided preconstruction and construction services over the course of six months and replaced the air conditioning system with chilled water, installed new pumps, air handlers and accessories.

Denison Middle School

Long before the first shovel was placed into the ground at Denison Middle School, Vogel Bros. spent a tremendous amount of time in planning and consideration to minimize the impacts of a major ongoing construction site at this occupied and operational campus. Systems were installed that would separate the students and staff from the construction [...]

UWSMPH Centennial Building

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The building is a gift from the UW Medical Foundation to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health faculty physicians in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the school. The building is the west gateway to the University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus. This seven-story building is the first LEED@ certified building on the UW [...]

Twin Lakes Elementary School

Twin Lakes Elementary School was in need of renovations over summer break, and hired Vogel Bros. as their general contractor to perform the needed upgrades to the HVAC, electrical and lighting systems, as well as their communications, security and fire alarm systems.

Valleyview Elementary School

Vogel Bros. was chosen to provide construction management services for the upgrade of the HVAC and electrical systems at Valleyview Elementary School during their summer break. Renovations included the replacement of all HVAC equipment including ductwork, lighting, ceilings and intercom speakers. Minor modifications to the floor plan were necessary to allow the spaces to be [...]

Cannella Elementary School

During summer break, Vogel Bros. performed various HVAC, electrical and mechanical renovations to the Cannella Elementary School. Scope of the project included the complete replacement of the HVAC, lighting and ceilings with upgrades to the low voltage electrical systems and finishes. We also installed a new fire sprinkler system with new interconnecting 8” water main [...]

Winnequah Middle School

In conjunction with building the District’s new Glacial Drumlin Middle School, the existing Winnequah middle school in Monona was renovated to house the district’s 3rd through 6th graders. The renovation work was phased to occur over two summer breaks so as not to interrupt the school year. Renovations included a new entrance vestibule with storefront [...]

St. Maria Goretti Church and School

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The St. Maria Goretti project includes a 1,905 square foot addition to the west side of the church and 4,280 square foot remodeling of the narthex. The addition allows for a spacious greeting area and an increase in worship space. The school consists of a 24,080 square foot addition including a gym, 1,290 square foot [...]

Stoner Prairie Elementary


Stoner Prairie Elementary selected Vogel Bros. as their construction manager for the construction of their new gymnasium, mechanical mezzanine, additional classrooms, playground area and parking expansion. The building is composed of bearing and non-bearing concrete masonry block walls, so brick accents were added to the new building envelop with glazed mason block to match the [...]

Deerfield Elementary School


Deerfield Elementary School hosts 34 classrooms for grades pre-K through 6th grade. Features include an art education area, music facilities, a gymnasium, production kitchen, cafeteria and a library resource center. Amenities for the staff include admiration areas and miscellaneous support facilities.

Mount Horeb Intermediate Center & Athletic Complex


Vogel Bros. provided construction management services to the Mount Horeb Area School District for both their athletic complex renovation and the construction of their new intermediate center. The athletic complex renovation included their varsity soccer field with lighting, bleachers, press box and underdrainage and irrigation system. The Intermediate Center was designed to house grades 3-5 [...]

Mount Horeb High School


Mount Horeb Area School District selected Vogel Bros. to complete a major renovation and addition to the high school. The project included two major additions: a performing arts auditorium and a classroom wing. Extensive remodeling of the existing facility helped upgrade the high school to meet facility needs. Vogel Bros. actively assisted the District with [...]