WI Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory


The Wisconsin Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory provides UW-Madison engineering students and faculty, as well as industry professionals, access to equipment and technical support for testing material specimens and full-scale structural components. The purpose of the lab is to enhance the teaching and research experience that UW engineering programs offer through the ability to perform hands-on experimental testing techniques. The lab [...]


LSNE is a contract manufacturing expert providing lyophilization services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies get their products into the clinic or onto the commercial market efficiently and cost-effectively. They choose Madison, WI as the location of their first facility outside of their campus in New Hampsire. They ended up in the University Research Park in a building [...]

Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics, Inc

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FCDI manufactures human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which are skin or blood cells that scientists reprogram back into their embryonic state and then coax into specific cell types for use in scientific research or drug development. FCDI has called Madison home since it’s founding in 2004, and specifically has called the University Research Park its home. So when they [...]

UAS Labs Fermentation Facility


UAS Laboratories celebrated a significant milestone with the building of their fermentation plant. This manufacturing facility is their second location of business, and supports their commitment to continuous growth and ongoing leadership within the probiotic marketplace. Now with two facilities dedicated solely to fermentation and production of probiotics, UAS Labs can control quality and value throughout the supply chain. A [...]



Stratatech has been a long-term partner of Vogel Bros. and rents a building in the University Research Park where they manufacture an investigational regenerative skin tissue called StrataGraft. The 2016 acquisition of Stratatech by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and a designation by the FDA which fast tracked their StrataGraft product, contributed greatly to the necessity of an expanded space for their operations [...]

United Vaccines


United Vaccines, Inc is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified company that is licensed by both the USDA and the European Union because it is the only manufacture of products for the fur bearing animal industry that is licensed to ship in North America and Europe. Due to successful growth, their former facility became inadequate for the proper manufacturing [...]

Saint-Gobain Portage Plant


The Saint-Gobain Portage Plant Expansion project consists of a 48,000 sqft addition to the existing manufacturing facility. Site improvements include a parking lot addition, access road for improved site logistics, relocation of existing storage shed and resurfacing of existing parking lot. The new facility will provide Saint-Gobain with the capacity for continued growth and development and includes a 9,000 [...]

SAFC Verona


The second phase of SAFC’s Master Plan included a new 13,900 square foot warehouse with storage capacity for raw materials for both SAFC’s Verona and Madison sites. 2,900 square feet of new manufacturing space includes three new cGMP areas to support projects. Two of the areas will be designated for smaller lab-scale manufacturing in the [...]

URP Accelerator Building, Illumina Suite


Illumina leadership turned to University Research Park (URP) for assistance to develop a cutting edge, robust research, production and product distribution facility. Their needs required the entire second floor of the URP Accelerator Building. Key areas for Illumina include research and development, quality control, manufacturing, production, warehouse, large capacity, walk-in product storage freezers, and office [...]



Mentor’s project required office space and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical production space featuring FDA approved production space, validated and FDA approved final product storage, 900 sqft (12,600 cf) cold room with a temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, and multiple levels of clean room construction. The Clean Rooms range from Class [...]

SAFC Madison


Over the course of 8 years, Vogel Bros. has performed several renovation and addition projects at SAFC’s Madison plant. Our first project consisted of the interior structural mezzanine for the Class I Division 2 rated reactor bay.  We also performed the installation of the reactors and the associated piping. The next major project was SAFC’s [...]

URP 504 Building, WiCell


Vogel Bros. worked with WiCell to reconfigure the first floor of the 504 building into laboratories and office space for WiCell’s operations. This project included the addition of 4,000 square feet of custom research and development laboratory space. Vogel Bros. worked closely with WiCell and URP staff to utilize the existing mechanical and electrical services [...]

URP Accelerator Building Shell & Suite 300

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Vogel Bros. was selected to build a new three-story building for research and development start-up companies that have outgrown smaller suites. The building incorporates cutting edge, energy recovery and sustainable energy features including maximizing daylighting. Soon after the shell was completed, Vogel Bros. was contacted by a tenant to complete the interior build out of [...]

SAFC Pharma Verona Plant


SAFC Pharma engaged the Vogel Bros. design-build team to provide the design, process engineering and construction services for their new Verona facility that manufacturers the primary, potent ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs. Located on 15 acres of green space in Verona, the new facility houses cGMP pharmaceutical production space capable of producing batch sizes up to [...]

Hooper Corporation

The Hooper Corporation project included the demolition of six buildings, reworking of the large truck traffic flow and vehicle parking, and additions to the electric power division maintenance shop and a new 7,600 square foot pipe fabrication shop. The 25,500 square foot maintenance shop includes a 10-ton bridge crane, two 8-ton rotary lifts, and two [...]



EMD Biosciences (Novagen brand) manufactures and sells state-of-the-art molecular biology tools, including gene splicers and protein purifiers that boost important research and development involving DNA, genes and proteins. As a leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnology construction, they hired Vogel Bros. for the construction of their two-story laboratory and office facility in University Research Park. The [...]

MG&E Innovation Center I & II

Biotech facilities have very unique needs, so University Research Park turned to Vogel Bros. for the construction of their MG&E Innovation Center. The first building is 50,000 square feet with half of that dedicated to incubator companies specializing in research and development activities. The modular laboratories required specialized HVAC and exhaust equipment. In addition, the [...]

SAFC Madison Plant


SAFC’s Madison plant is a pharmaceutical production facility containing six FDA approved production laboratories, a pilot plan and support offices. The building includes built-in flexibility features to accommodate changes in drug development processes and a sophisticated airhandling system to minimize air contamination. The process equipment installed has the ability to maintain the reactor vessel temperature [...]