Manatee Southeast Water Reclamation Facility

Upgrade a 15 MGD Facility for removal of Nitrogen. Included construction of a new Flow Splitter Box. Demolition of equipment, piping & miscellaneous items in current primary clarifiers. Installation of mixers in anoxic basins, NRCY pumps in aeration basins. Demolition of existing air piping & diffusers in aeration basins, installation of new blowers in existing [...]

West Lakeland Wasteload Reduction Facility

Construction of a new 3.75 MGD industrial wasteload reduction facility to reduce Influent BOD loadings from 2000 mg/L to 100 mg/L, utilizing a BNR process to achieve nitrogen and phosphorus levels. Project included stainless steel pipe for the blowers, a 1360 KW generator and fuel tank, and a new instrumentation and control system. The project [...]

Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pasco County BOCC selected Vogel Bros. to expand the Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility from 6.0 million gallons per day (mgd) average annual daily flow (AADF) to 9.0 mgd AADF. The project included constructing a new headworks structure consisting of a new cast-in-place concrete structure with two new coarse mechanically rake cleaned screens with compactors, [...]

Sun Ray Wastewater Treatment Facility

As the South County Jail increased in size the potable and wastewater demand for the facility increased as well. The new demand required several improvement projects including a new forcemain leaving the jail to the near by Sun Ray Wastewater Treatment Plant, increased production and storage at the South County Jail Water Plant, and an [...]

Shady Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant

This project consists of the following: Headworks: replacement of existing screenings belt press with a new screw conveyor, addition of a washer/compactor, addition of new boosted washwater pumps, replacement of the existing odor control system with a new chemical scrubber, repairs to one existing slide gate, and addition of two new slide gates. Anoxic and [...]

Lakeland Glendale Pump Station & Clarifier

The project initially consisted of refurbishing the existing influent pump station, including the structural improvement of an existing electrical building, installation of new building transformer, electrical distribution equipment, and pump control panels. Plus the installation of a new electrical generator and above ground fuel tank, and instrumentation and controls for system operation and monitoring. Several work orders [...]

Screw Press

Maintained a temporary mobile centrifuge sludge dewatering system for three months while the existing belt filter presses were replaced, demolition of 2 existing 2.0-meter Von Roll belt filter presses, associated flocculation tanks, belt conveyor, cake discharge chutes, polymer make-up & feed systems, control room, all associated concrete pads, piping, & motors; installation of 2 new [...]

Dunedin Water Treatment Plant

The City of Dunedin’s greensand filter media removal and replacement project involved removal and replacement of filter media in five existing pressure filter vessels at the City’s Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility. The pressure filter vessels provide iron and manganese removal prior to the plant’s reverse osmosis membranes. The project consisted of removing and replacing [...]

Sanford North Water Reclamation Facility

Vogel Bros. built and integrated a Fixed-Film Activated Sludge Process (IFAS) BNR Treatment System consisting of primary anoxic basins, aerobic basins, deoxygenation basins, secondary anoxic basins, reaeration basins. This system required structural additions to the existing aeration basins by the construction of new 16’ high walls. Staff installed turbo blowers, piping & diffusers, and submersible [...]

Biological Treatment Unit

The BTU project was sought after by Manatee County in an effort to remove additional organics from the water supply of Lake Manatee. Additionally the organic removal increased the clarity of the water and removed unpleasant odors. The project consisted of the construction of a 49’ tall, four level concrete structure to house six (6) [...]

Krause Pump Station

The project comprised of demolition of the entire existing 60 MGD master pump station and all mechanical equipment including four vertical suction pumps from 100 HP to 400 HP and all associated piping and valves. Vogel Bros. then installed four 400 HP pumps and immersible motors, discharge and suction valves, piping, concrete pedestal supports, air [...]

Apopka North Shore Reclaimed Water Treatment Facility

Vogel Bros. was awarded the contract to construct the new reclaimed water treatment facility on a 20 acre site near the Lake Apopka North Shore Restoration Area. The facility is designed to provide 5MG/ADF of reclaimed water for public access. The project consisted of approximately 5,200 linear feet of canal modifications, a raw water pump [...]

Deer Park Diversion/Timber Greens Master Pump Station

Pasco County awarded this important contract to Vogel Bros. in 2014 to enable the County to take the Deer Park Wastewater Treatment Plant off-line and decommission the facility by December 31, 2014 in accordance with the FDEP consent orders. Vogel Bros. had to be sensitive to the fact that the construction site is surrounded closely [...]

Verna West Tank

The City of Sarasota needed a new ground storage tank at the City’s water treatment plant. Vogel Bros. constructed the new pump station and provided the demolition of the 10th Street tank.

Sanford South Water Resource Center

The Sanford South Water Resource Center was in need of an expansion. The project consisted of expanding the tertiary filtration system, the chlorine contact chamber, the addition of a new transfer pump to the existing transfer pump station, and chemical feed system modifications. In addition, a Superior Tuning and Control (STAC) System was added to [...]

Sanford Water Treatment Plant No. 2

The Sanford WTP No. 2 project consisted of upgrades to the existing water plant. Upgrades included new ozone equipment, GAC equipment, tanks, pump stations, site improvements, telemetry, generator, electrical service to new control panel and associated facilities.

Pollard Road Water Production Facility

Vogel Bros. was commissioned for the construction of a new water production facility for Polk County. The two million gallon concrete storage tank included a tank mounted cascade tray aerator, outdoor high service pump station, and bulk hypochlorite storage and feed system. We also constructed a prefabricated concrete building for plant electrical gear and controls, [...]

Dade City Wastewater Treatment Plant

The renovation of the Dade City wastewater treatment plant consisted of selective demolition of inactive basins, a new sludge digester, conversion to sodium hypo-chlorite for disinfection, upgrade of two clarifiers, replacement of RAS/WAS and IR pumps and various safety and maintenance upgrades.