WI Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory


The Wisconsin Structures & Materials Testing Laboratory provides UW-Madison engineering students and faculty, as well as industry professionals, access to equipment and technical support for testing material specimens and full-scale structural components. The purpose of the lab is to enhance the teaching and research experience that UW engineering programs offer through the ability to perform hands-on experimental testing techniques. The lab [...]

Fairbanks Morse Engine Test Stands

Fairbanks Morse is a power system manufacturer, delivering industry leading engines for over 70 years to communities, businesses and our military. Their campus is sprinkled with “labs” to test the engines. Maybe not what you’d typically think of for a lab, but these test stands are exactly that: a diesel laboratory where a product is created and then tested; [...]

Fairbanks Morse Engine Paint Booth

Fairbanks Morse is a power system manufacturer and has been powering the United States Navy and Coast Guard for over 70 years, delivering industry leading engine systems for Lockheed Martin. When a new contract with the Navy would require the manufacturing of a larger engine (think...an engine the size of a boxcar!), FME needed a larger [...]

Endres Manufacturing Company

Endres Manufacturing Company is a AISC Certified steel manufacturing company, providing everything from structural steel to general contractors down to individual beams for home builders. They were in need of an addition to their manufacturing facility, and called upon their trusted building partner: Vogel Bros. Endres and Vogel Bros. share a long history of working together, as Endres has supplied [...]

Saint-Gobain Portage Plant

The Saint-Gobain Portage Plant Expansion project consists of a 48,000 sqft addition to the existing manufacturing facility. Site improvements include a parking lot addition, access road for improved site logistics, relocation of existing storage shed and resurfacing of existing parking lot. The new facility will provide Saint-Gobain with the capacity for continued growth and development and includes a 9,000 [...]

Duluth Trading Co. Warehouse

Duluth Trading Company is a rapidly growing lifestyle brand for the modern, self-reliant American. Based in Mt. Horeb, their products are high quality, solution-based casual wear, workwear and accessories for men and women who lead a hands-on lifestyle and who value a job well-done. They are committed to outstanding customer service backed by their “No [...]

Apopka North Shore Reclaimed Water Treatment Facility

Vogel Bros. was awarded the contract to construct the new reclaimed water treatment facility on a 20 acre site near the Lake Apopka North Shore Restoration Area. The facility is designed to provide 5MG/ADF of reclaimed water for public access. The project consisted of approximately 5,200 linear feet of canal modifications, a raw water pump [...]

Deer Park Diversion/Timber Greens Master Pump Station

Pasco County awarded this important contract to Vogel Bros. in 2014 to enable the County to take the Deer Park Wastewater Treatment Plant off-line and decommission the facility by December 31, 2014 in accordance with the FDEP consent orders. Vogel Bros. had to be sensitive to the fact that the construction site is surrounded closely [...]

Verna West Tank

The City of Sarasota needed a new ground storage tank at the City’s water treatment plant. Vogel Bros. constructed the new pump station and provided the demolition of the 10th Street tank.

Sanford South Water Resource Center

The Sanford South Water Resource Center was in need of an expansion. The project consisted of expanding the tertiary filtration system, the chlorine contact chamber, the addition of a new transfer pump to the existing transfer pump station, and chemical feed system modifications. In addition, a Superior Tuning and Control (STAC) System was added to [...]

Sanford Water Treatment Plant No. 2

The Sanford WTP No. 2 project consisted of upgrades to the existing water plant. Upgrades included new ozone equipment, GAC equipment, tanks, pump stations, site improvements, telemetry, generator, electrical service to new control panel and associated facilities.

Pollard Road Water Production Facility

Vogel Bros. was commissioned for the construction of a new water production facility for Polk County. The two million gallon concrete storage tank included a tank mounted cascade tray aerator, outdoor high service pump station, and bulk hypochlorite storage and feed system. We also constructed a prefabricated concrete building for plant electrical gear and controls, [...]

Dade City Wastewater Treatment Plant

The renovation of the Dade City wastewater treatment plant consisted of selective demolition of inactive basins, a new sludge digester, conversion to sodium hypo-chlorite for disinfection, upgrade of two clarifiers, replacement of RAS/WAS and IR pumps and various safety and maintenance upgrades.