October 15 – 21 is the National Safety Council’s Annual Congress & Expo. As a member of the National Safety Council (NSC), Vogel Bros. has access to free training tools and resources, the latest safety articles and publications, and can attend a variety of different conferences and seminars.*  Our membership also affords us the opportunity to get in on ground breaking opportunities and news releases.

On October 18th at the NSC’s Congress & Expo, OSHA will formally announce their new Safety & Health Program Management Guidelines. These guidelines were originally published by OSHA in 1989, but they’ve been reviewed and updated to provide employers and workers with a sound, flexible framework for addressing safety and health issues in the workplace.**

As part of the new guidelines release, OSHA will also be launching a Safe & Sound Campaign. The campaign is designed to promote the adoption of a safety and health program in all workplaces. Safety and health programs have been proven to reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and illnesses. And by encouraging employees to focus on their safety and health at the workplace, the goal is also to encourage them to focus on safety and health outside of work. According to the CDC, workplace health programs are helping employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and lower their risk of developing chronic diseases.***

At Vogel Bros. we value promoting healthy minds, bodies and spirits of our employees. And we want to create a healthy environment where our employees can reach their full potential. What a better way to do this than to join OSHA as part of their Safe & Sound Campaign and encourage our employees to strive for safe and healthy lifestyles.

As we embark on this journey and commitment, stay tuned for blog updates on the latest activities and initiatives at Vogel Bros. and how our employees are being “safe and sound.”


* www.nsc.org
** www.osha.gov
*** www.cdc.gov