By Daniel Vogel, Safety Specialist

Vogel Bros. is a continuous learning organization and believes people are the key to our success. Training and education are at the foundation of this belief, which is why the Safety Department has planned a series of events emphasizing this concept.

We kicked off 2019 with a company-wide HazCom Stand-Down in January. Throughout the week we covered a variety of topics, including our in-house Hazard Communication Program, container labeling, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), PPE, and hazardous materials in our workplace. In February we conducted Qualified Rigging & Signal Person training on each jobsite. This included an on-site presentation for all field staff covering rigging inspections, basic hitches, sling angles / tension, signaling, and minimum clearance distances for crane work near overhead utilities. In March, we are looking forward to Silica / Annual Respirator training.

A variety of delivery methods will be used to carry out the events, including quarterly safety stand-downs, safety team meetings, toolbox talks, on-site presentations, and third party demonstrations. By using a variety of methods, we hope to address each employee’s different learning style and maximize their understanding of the content being taught. The training plan is compliance-based – focusing on both general and competent person training – but it’s also people-based, focusing on helping our employees learn to be safe at work so that they and their co-workers can go home at the end of the day healthy and able to continue to provide for their families. By providing our craft workers with these training opportunities, our desired result is that our employees will feel empowered to identify and eliminate workplace hazards, and will help teach each other how to create a safer work environment where they can do what they do best.