All jobsite accidents are preventable.

Our company culture reflects this.


Vogel Bros. believes all jobsite accidents are preventable. We are committed to providing a work environment that is both safe and productive, not only for our employees but also for our clients, our subcontractors, and the general public. With safety at the center of every project, we continue to improve our world-class safety program that equips workers with the tools and education to prepare them for success. Some of the measures we take that contribute to success are preparing job-specific safety plans before each job commences, providing job-specific safety orientations to all workers (Vogel Bros. and non-Vogel Bros. employees) on our job sites, conducting daily jobsite safety assessments, and engaging all workers in daily Toolbox Talks and safety tips for the day. Examples of the education Vogel Bros. workers receive are first aid training, CPR, fall protection, HazCom, forklift, OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour.


At Vogel Bros., our people are the key to creating a safe culture. To achieve this culture, we empower employees to play an active role in promoting safety in the workplace. Employees contribute safety tips and insights to monthly safety videos and blogs, posted on the company website; field personnel lead weekly safety talks and daily safety huddles at their job sites, to
Vogel Bros. and non-Vogel Bros. employees; employees are asked to report daily safety observations – positive safety observations, not just safety hazards – and document these using their daily report phone app; and employees help drive the safety culture of the company by being on safety teams with their peers, to review, highlight, and recommend improvements to our company-wide safety practices.


Our dedication to safety has fostered long-lasting relationships with both clients and subcontractors. By sharing this common value of safety, we help our clients achieve a lower project cost for their construction projects, we keep projects on time and on budget, and we ensure that all workers leave the job site each day feeling healthy and empowered to be successful.

Safety Spotlight

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“The Vogel Bros. team is always willing to listen to safety concerns about constructability issues on their projects. Considering some of the complex projects we work on, their superintendents go above and beyond the normal contractor in assisting us in creating a safe work environment on each project.”
-Brian S.  |  Hooper Corp.

“I still remember much of what we went over in the [OSHA 30-Hour] training, and I still can’t help looking at a random jobsite without a quick critique of their safety attitude.”
-Tom L.  |  Retired Vogel Bros. Superintendent

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AGC of Wisconsin

2017 Safety Calendar

Vogel Bros. Building Co.’s Safety Department is proud to announce the first annual VOGELart Contest. Children of employees are encouraged to illustrate what safety means to them for a chance to win a prize and have their artwork featured in a calendar. Learn more or see current submissions.

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