By Vogel Bros. Safety Department

Our recent weather in Wisconsin has been far from spring-like. However, the calendar says we’ve officially been in the season of spring as of March 20th. Since Mother Nature apparently didn’t get the memo, now is a good time to stay inside (where it’s warm and dry!) and get your spring cleaning out of the way before the summer months arrive.

While mopping floors and dusting ceiling fans may not sound as dangerous as placing concrete forms, working in trenches or operating heavy machinery, an average of 21 million people visit the emergency room each year as a result of injuries sustained at home. That’s why we encourage our employees to create a safe culture for themselves not just at work, but also outside of work.
As you dig your ladder out of the garage and try to remember what you did with the mop, keep the following safety tips in mind and remember that all accidents are preventable.

  1. Do not rush because you are tired or in a hurry.
  2. Be careful moving large pieces of furniture and appliances.
  3. Be safe while on ladders and step stools.
  4. Be careful when walking on wet surfaces.
  5. Keep stairs, landings, and walkways clear of boxes, bags and other clutter.
  6. Don’t carry too much stuff at once, especially on stairs.
  7. Always follow cleaning product label safety instructions and recommendations.
  8. Wear a mask when cleaning dusty areas.
  9. Do not leave buckets filled with water around your home.
  10. Put away all your cleaning supplies when you are done.

Details on full list and article referenced can be viewed here.